Adapting Forest Management to Climate Change

ForeMa is a Forest Management Decision Support Tool designed for forest management practitioners. It aims at assessing management practices and climate change impacts on multiple Ecosystem Services.

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"Path in the wood" by French_landscape_photographer is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


ForeMa Desktop is designed having in mind a management-based approach. The software aims at assessing forest management and climate change impacts on multiple Ecosystem Services at a stand level. It incorporates SORTIE-ND simulator for projecting forest dynamics, and linking functions to evaluate ES and potential risks.

The work related to the development of the tool was published in "Forests" journal, with the title Cristal et al. 2019, “A Decision Support Tool for Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Multiple Ecosystem Services”

  • Conceptual Design

    The consept is quite simple: Users input stand information, climate change and management data. Then the embeded forest simulator computes the forest dynamics for a given horizon, and sends its outputs to the Ecosystem Services (ES) module. Biomass, Carbon, Standing timber, Mushroom Production, Scenic Beauty, Erosion and Fire Risk are the results of the ES module




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